Crazy Bitches Make The Best Friends Bangle ROSE GOLD

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Crazy bitches, my we know one, may we be one. 

These bitches are the ride or die variety. The friends you’ll call first when you need a girls night out, or to bury a body (or both?). They will be there for you through everything and will bring their unique craziness to every situation.

Where would be without these crazy bitches? Probably stuck in the same job that makes us unhappy, and the same toxic relationship. Because these bitches pull punches. They’ll equally inspire you to be the best you can be, while telling you upfront that you’ve made shitty life choices. They are all heart, bark, and a bit of bite. 

We all need at least one crazy bitch in our life. If anything, just to make life a bit more interesting.

Crazy Bitches Make The Best Of Friends. Trust us. 

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